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A brand new Fred Astaire Dance Studio opened its doors in October of 2009 in the Clocktower Commons Shopping Center on Rt. 22, near Brewster NY. The space, previously a 9 to 5 office is now a vibrant dance studio where people are shaking and grooving as dance instructors teach them Latin and Ballroom dance lessons. Eager to share their passion for dancing with the Westchester NY and Putnam County NY community, the studio owners Marat Bakh and Sana Palova painted the walls bright green and laid down perfectly polished African cherry floors to give the space a fresh, elgant and welcoming atmosphere.

The young entrepreneurs come from Eastern Europe, where ballroom dancing is as celebrated a sport as football is in the US. Marat, born in Minsk, started dancing at the age of 9 and became the champion of Belarus at the age of 18. He is five times national Belarusian champion and is currently in the top ten competitive couples in the US. In 2005 Marat moved to New York, and became a part of a Fred Astaire franchise, where he met Sana, who was already working in the dance studio for some time. Sana is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine. As a child, she trained as a figure skater, but switched to dancing and became a champion in the youth division. Shortly, she moved to the US with her family, where she continues to compete professionally, and explores other forms of dance as well.

  Marat and Sana are very excited about becoming a part of the community, and bringing a new rhythm to Westchester NY and Putnam County NY. Now together in their own dance studio, they plan on having dance showcases and going to dancing competitions with their students, as well helping those simply interested in social dancing meet their goals. The dance studio will primarily offer private dance instruction. This is the most effective and fun way to learn ballroom dance. One can either take dance lessons with a partner, or dance classes with an instructor. To add even more fun, practice parties are held several times a month, where members of the studio can spend the evening dancing with their instructors or different partners. Some group classes are offered. One is Zumba, an extremely popular
aerobic dance-workout inspired by Latin and other International rhythms.

Besides making the studio a busy and exciting place, this combination of activities can make one achieve whatever goals she/he may have. Most doctors recommend ballroom dancing for healthy lifestyle. It encourages weight control, while relieving stress and burning calories. Moreover, it provides an emotional outlet. Dance is an expression of feeling through body movement. The ability to dance is present in everyone. It only needs to be refined through training and technique. Fred Astaire always said, that good dancers are not born, they are taught. Stepping into the dance world of artistic and energetic people renews ones motivation and creativity. Dance gives people self confidence, and allows them to enjoy themselves more in public surroundings. To add a new spark to your life, call the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Clocktower Commons at 845-279-4504 or fill out their online form.